Ever wanted to pack your bags and leave on an adventure? Tired of living the same life day in and day out? Want something different? If this sounds like you then the vagabond lifestyle may be for you. The idea of being a nomad, living in a van or RV, traveling when you want, staying where you want…. it’s all very enticing. Yet the vagabond or nomadic lifestyle has both pros and cons. In this post we will get into both of the pros and cons of the vagabond lifestyle.

Remember, before you embark on this journey, do your research; not only will this post help you figure out all the ins and outs of living this way, but will convince you if this is the life you want to live. You must ask yourself first, is this lifestyle for me? This post will help you answer that question. So let’s get into the pros and cons of the vagabond lifestyle.

Pros of the Vagabond Lifestyle

First, let’s look at all the pros of living like a vagabond.

  • Freedom: This might be one of the biggest pros for anyone thinking about living like a vagabond. The freedom to go anywhere or live anywhere you want is definitely an attractive piece of nomadic life. No one will tell you what you should do or where you should be; that is all on you now. This is very nice, especially if you have never had this experience before-definitely a major plus for living the vagabond lifestyle.
  • Travel: Much like the previous entry, you have the freedom to go anywhere you want. If you have never traveled to a particular location, then being a vagabond gives you that chance to do so. Imagine traveling whenever you want, not having to worry about work or family holding you back. Go where you want when you want, the core of living like a vagabond.
  • Fewer Worries: Living the vagabond lifestyle means fewer worries. You don’t have to worry about paying bills or rent, just what you will eat and some gas if you live out of your car. The tethers of ordinary life can hold you back and even get monotonous. Living nomadically, you can become free from all of this. If you want to live a life with fewer worries, then the vagabond lifestyle is for you.
  • It’s Cheap: The nomadic lifestyle is defiantly cheaper. If you live out of your car, you don’t have to pay rent, just gas, and money for food. If you need some money, you can pick up a random job somewhere to earn some cash. Then move on to the next spot, rinse, and repeat. Money is an issue for most people, so taking up the vagabond life will help you with your money troubles.
  • Growing as a Person: When you live like a vagabond, your creativity will increase. You will learn to think on your feet and be creative to fix your problems. You are on your own, so you need to do it all by yourself. Being a vagabond will force you to learn how to do it all. By living like a nomad, you will learn to open up more, which you will have to do. The vagabond lifestyle will also teach you so much about yourself; you will learn who you truly are. Be careful as you may not like what you learn.
The vagabond lifestyle gives many opportunities to experience things a person might not otherwise do.

These pros seem great; the good news always sounds nice. It’s cheaper, fun, and you can grow as a human. But remember that will all of these pros comes the cons to living like a vagabond. Now we will look at the cons of nomadic life.

Cons of the Vagabond Lifestyle

It’s not all roses with the vagabond lifestyle.

  • Missing Out: If you have family or friends back home, you can miss many birthdays, weddings, funerals, and other important life events. You will be out traveling, and you won’t have time to see friends or family. Something life-changing can happen, and you won’t be there for it. Because of this, you may regret not being there for whatever happens. If you can’t handle dealing with missing out on these events in your friends’ and families’ lives, then the vagabond life is not the life for you.
  • Loneliness: After a while on the road, you will get lonely. It’s hard to keep relationships while being a nomad. You can make a lot of friends, but relationships might strain because you are not around. Loneliness can make or break a traveler; it’s hard to get out of a slump while living the vagabond lifestyle. If you cant deal with loneliness, then rethink becoming a vagabond.
  • Can’t Keep it All: Learn to pack light! You won’t carry much if you live like a nomad, so only take the essentials. This can be hard for many people as they don’t know what they need to take. It gets worse when you find something out on the road and can’t take it with you. This can be very frustrating for any vagabond. Packing light is essential, and if you can’t do that, then don’t live like a nomad.
  • Career: Having gaps between jobs on your resume can harm your future chances of employment. Taking that trip or deciding to live the vagabond lifestyle will hurt your career at many companies, especially those that do not have remote work positions. Remember, if you value your career, then don’t choose to go out and be a vagabond.
  • Saving Money: Keeping up with your money or trying to save it will be nearly impossible if you decide to go with the vagabond lifestyle. If you value saving your money, then you will not enjoy the nomadic life.
  • On Your Own: When things get tough out there, you are on your own. No one else is around to help you, and you are going to have to do everything on your own. Mommy and daddy are not around to hold your hand; it’s all on you now. Not up to doing this on your own? Stay home and enjoy a normal life.
  • Exhausting: Living like a vagabond is exhausting. Sleeping in a car or not in a bed will make your life harder and exhausting. The vagabond life takes a lot out of you. You will be tired, hungry, and lonely. This can take a toll on many people’s mental health. Think long and hard about this before you take on the vagabond lifestyle.

The Question You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing the Vagabond Lifestyle

Ask yourself this, is the vagabond lifestyle right for me? This is the most important question you can ask yourself before you take on the nomadic life. As you can see from the list, the pros and cons of living like a vagabond may or may not be for you. If you decide to do this, be careful, and do your research ahead of time. When you are ready, take hold of your life and live like a vagabond.


Carey has been living full time as an RVer for several years, traveling extensively around the United States and some parts of Canada. As a digital nomad he lives like a vagabond while managing his companies remotely with a laptop and internet hotspot.