Welcome to RV Living Guide website. This is an informational blog providing advice for first time RV owners and seasoned veterans of the open road, written by a man who has lived full-time in an RV for several years and even has experience living out of a car (in both cities and rural areas).

I have started this blog because I want to share the knowledge I have gained from my experiences while also sharing some of my journey.

Some of the RVs I have lived in full-time,

  • As a teenager in the 1990s my mother bought some rural property to build a new house on. It ended up taking a long time to get approval on land usage zoning changes to actually build the house. For about a year I lived in a Class A motor-home RV and a smaller travel trailer camper with my mother, stepfather and two brothers. Us kids used the travel trailer like our personal room.
  • In 2016 I purchased a Class C motor-home RV of my own which I lived in for half a year before selling it so I could have some starting funds for a new business venture, and I bought a 2001 Cadillac — a great highway car. I lived in the car (yes, even sleeping in it!) sometimes out of a tent in rural areas, for around six months traveling between California and Texas several times.
1994 Chevy 30 Van Conversion Fleetwood Jamboree RV motor-home
  • In 2018 I had my startup purchase a Class B camper van motor-home RV to use as a promotional vehicle for attending conventions but which I decided to live in full-time in order to live in high rent areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco while keeping costs down. I drove the ‘Zenimobile’ all over the country, and even up into Canada.
The Zenimobile Class B motorhome RV
  • In 2020 I purchased a 33′ Airstream trailer with a slideout and a Ford F350 truck to haul it. This is what I live in now.
My 33′ Airstream travel trailer

As I said, I have extensive experience living full time in an RV which is why I feel that I am able to provide useful information about this subject. I know all kinds of tricks that aren’t often talked about on other blogs by people who are either just running a clickbait website or have experience only with one or two motorhomes. Generally I think a lot of RV blogs are written by brand new owners to share their excitement, and they eventually tire of it. By contrast I have been living full-time in RVs for half a decade so I’m well over the initial excitement!

So come along the journey with me and let me be your guide to a life of RV living!


Carey has been living full time as an RVer for several years, traveling extensively around the United States and some parts of Canada. As a digital nomad he lives like a vagabond while managing his companies remotely with a laptop and internet hotspot.