Orion Outpost Trading Co. Vestige Military Wool Blanket, 4.5 lbs, 66 x 84 (Gray/Orange)

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80% Wool



We donate 1 BLANKET for EVERY 5 SOLD. We at Orion Outpost Trading Co. have made it our mission to help those less fortunate than ourselves. With the help of you, Amazon’s Customers, we will donate blankets to various Charities that help out with Disaster Relief, the Homeless and the Impoverished. You purchase of our blankets will go a long way in helping people in there times of need.


About Our Blankets


Inspired by the days when militaries from around the world would issue blankets made from wool to all their soldiers, we created our “Vestige” line. Made form 80% wool with a 20% blend of nylon and polyester. Unlike cotton, wool will keep you warm even when the conditions are wet.


The perfect survival kit item. Rolls tightly and can be tucked away in the trunk of your vehicle or hung on the outside of your survival backpack.


Why Wool?

Temperature regulation – wool is an excellent choice of fiber in unpredictable climate conditions. It absorbs moisture and helps you keep cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Fire resistant – wool is less likely to catch fire compared to most other types of bedding materials due to its chemical structure.

Pest resistant – pests like mites and bed bugs that often proliferate in many types of fabric don’t do so well with wool due to its moisture absorbing property which deprives these pests of the moisture they need to survive.


Our “Vestige” Military Blanket will remind of you with the look and smells of the past. The look you’ll love, the mild smells will be washed out after a couple of cycles through the washing machine. If you have access to detergent that is specifically formulated for wool garments(usually has lanolin), recommend using it.

80% Wool
★ WE DONATE 1 BLANKET FOR EVERY 5 SOLD. We will send out our blankets to various charities and organizations that will distribute them in times of need. These charities will include disaster relief both US and Worldwide, homeless shelters and to the less fortunate.
★ OUR WOOL BLANKET offers comfort, style, durability, elasticity and moisture absorption which helps you stay cool during the summer and provides warmth in the winter.
★ RESISTANCE TO MOLD/BACTERIA makes wool a perfect fiber for people that have allergies to these things.
★ MACHINE WASHABLE/TUMBLE DRY LOW or DRY CLEAN. Some fibers will shed, but it will result in a softer and fluffier blanket
★ 80/20 WOOL blended with durable synthetic fibers.

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